Thursday, October 11, 2018

Friendship Letter Example

It is very often  that you have to write to make a new friend.  Though we can just ask someone to be our friend online with just pressing a small button provided by social website. The function and the meaning of writing friendship letter cannot fully replaced by this button. That's why It is advisable that we can personally write a friendship letter. To help you develop your imagination, we provide you with  an example of a friendship letter in general. You can put more season in a letter to make it taste better and nice to read. Good Luck.

First Introduction of Friendship Letter

Ron Goldstein
401 Joaquin Street 
Modesto, California 95354 

January 10, 2020 

Devi Susanti
Jl. Soedirman no. 5
Bandung, 40120

Dear Devi, 

With this letter I would like to introduce myself to you as a new pen pal. I am eighteen years old and have just graduated from Ceres high school studies in this country.  Before entering high school, I studied for nine years in elementary and middle schools. I will enter the university in a few months to prepare to be a doctor. I hope eventually to specialize in pediatrics , but other medical specialties interest me too. 

My interests, besides my studies are art, music, and sports. I especially enjoy swimming, horseback riding, and skiing. It doesn't snow where I live, so when the skiing comes, I have to travel to the mountains for about two hours by car . 

I love pets, and if I did not want to be a “human” doctor so much, I think I would study veterinary medicine. I have a friendly old cat who sleeps all day. My sister Andrea has an enormous German shepherd dog. Of course, the cat and the dog do not get along at all. 

I am enclosing a photograph of myself and my family. I would like to hear from you. Please write with information about yourself, your family, and life in your country. I look forward to being your pen friend and sharing some of the events in my life with you, even though it must be at such a long distance. 

Your friend, 


Adapted from Let’s Write English by George E. Wishon & Julia M. Burks

Download the First Introduction of Friendship Letter here.

First Reply To Friendship Introduction Letter

Devi Susanti
Jl. Soedirman no. 5
Bandung, 40120

February 1, 2020

Ron Goldstein
401 Joaquin Street
Modesto, California 90012

Dear Ron, 

I am pleased to have you as my new pen pal. I am sixteen years old.  I am in the first year of my Senior High School 3, Bandung. Before entering high school, I studied for six years in primary school. We name this school SD which stands for Sekolah Dasar. After that I also studied for three years in Junior High School. This is called SMP which stands for Sekolah Menengah Pertama.

I love reading, writing and listening to pop music. I also like dancing and cooking. It is hot in my country but my city is quite cool because it is surrounded by mountains. It just takes thirty minutes to go to the mountains around Bandung by car or motorcycle. 

I love pets too. But most of the people here prefer cats to dogs. I also have an old cat whose name is "Empus". My only brother, Ujang, has some beautiful  birds. Once, one of his birds became the champion of bird contest. His bird could sing the most beautiful songs. He got ten million rupiahs ( about $ 1,000) for this. 

I am sending you a photograph of myself and my family too. I would like to hear from you again to  share some of the events in your  life with me. Though it is such a long distance, who knows we will ever meet. Ron, I am really delighted to be your friend.

Best wishes, 


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