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Apology Letter Samples

Apology Letter samples

Apology letters are usually written when somebody or a company does something wrong to somebody else or to another company.

How To Write Apology Letters

When we do something wrong that hurts somebody, it is  extremely  necessary that  we take a quick action to rectify  the problem so that It will not harm your business. One of the best way to do this is by writing an apology letter.  An effective letter of apology can improve a relationship and grow your business effectively. To make an effective letter of apology, we must pay attention to the following techniques :
  1. Write the apology letter as soon as  possible after we do something wrong (within one or two days).
  2. Write a brief letter that explains the situation.
  3. Do not defend ourselves by blaming the situation or someone else.
  4. Assure the recipient that you will not repeat your regrettable behavior in future.
  5. Tell the recipient that you value your relationship with him or her.
  6. Back up your apology letter with appropriate behavior at the next available opportunity.
 An effective apology letter  can not only repair your relationship but  also  improve  the  quality  of   your relationship.  In  the  long  term  it  can  boost your business'growth.

Apology Letter Sample for Delaying Payment

Best Sales Shopping
Purchasing Agent
Niagara Waterfall Street
Columbus, MI 48002

September 29, 2017

Helen Bracken

Credit Department
Shoes Incorporated
222 Plainfield Road
Syracuse, NY 13212

Dear Mrs. Helen Bracken:

We do apologize for delaying our payment.  We really do not want to make our payment late but we have many things to do urgently last weekend. That's why we were not able to make payment on time. Nevertheless, this morning we just settled this payment first thing so that we will be able to continue our business with you. We, herewith, enclosed the check.

Thank you for your discretion  regarding our account.


Vicki Ball
Purchasing Manager

Apology Letter Sample for Forgetting A Date

   405  Joaquin  Street
Modesto, CA 95354
                                            September 13, 2017

Dear Sue,
    I am sorry for forgetting our lunch date yesterday. It was completely my fault. I was so busy at work that I didn’t remember I had a lunch date with you. 
    How about I treat you to lunch at the new Mexican  restaurant Amor’s tomorrow at 12:30PM? I have marked this date in my planner so I will not forget about it. 
    I'd just like to apologize again for missing the lunch date. 

                                                                                                           Your Friend,


Apology Letter sample for Late Order Delivery

Excellent Shopping
111 Waverly Drive
Berkeley, CA 94706

September 13, 2017 

Mr. Allan Newman
358 Norris Road
San Diego, CA 94702

Dear Mr. Newman:

We apologize for the late delivery of your order. We have just implemented a new delivery system that still has a few items to be accomplished, but we made sure your order fixed and sent it out this morning. With this new delivery system, I guarantee that we can handle your order faster and better in future. For your trouble, we have enclosed a $30 gift certificate which can be used at any of our stores any time. We would like to apologize for the delay of your order and any inconveniences this must have caused you.

Anthony Maloney
Customer Service Manager

Apology Letter For Order Cancellation

Java Shopping Mall
789 Waverly Drive
Berkeley, CA 94706

May 18, 2017

Prince Clothing Factory
358 Norris Road
San Diego, CA 94702

Attention : Mr. Michael Boston

Dear Mr. Boston:

We herewith would like to inform you that we cancel our order. We have just ordered all the items we need from another factory because you cannot deliver our order in time. We hope that you can handle our order faster and better in future. We would like to apologize for any inconvenience this must have caused you.


Anthony Englet
Purchasing Manager

Apology Letter Sample for Sending Wrong Goods

Clearance Holland
Purchasing Agent
Columbus Shoe Street Columbus, MI 48002

September 29, 2017

Brian Johnson
555 West 23rd Street
Newyork, 10062

Dear Mr Johnson:

Your complaint  letter about  the  items  that  are  not in accordance  with your  order has been received  and we understand  its  contents. We apologize  for the error and we will immediately withdraw the item and replace it with the goods you order.

We guarantee that it will not happen again in future. We appreciate your understanding and hope we have corrected our mistake to your satisfaction.


John Bailey

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